The Puzzle Box Maker: The Comic Book & Graphic Novel


New Graphic Novel Below…

The Comic Book:”The Puzzle Box Maker”.

Many thanks go out to Simon Sayce, the Original Puzzle Box Maker for the first 2 Hellraiser Movies, for the guidance with making the puzzle box replicas and the boxes used in the Documentary. Simon passed away June 20th, 2017.

To keep his memory and legacy alive and moving forward we’ve decided to work on a new comic book documenting the new puzzle box maker and how he came to be, in the form of a comic book. A bit of an undertaking for a crew who are used to working in other areas of art and media but we are doing it.

The first issue is expected to be done 2018-’19, hopefully in time for Comic Con 2019!

Thanks to Lisa Medley for the Art, Layout and Color/Ink, while I, Larry Clark, will be doing the Writing and editing. The little stories I always come up with while making the boxes will now be told in a thought provoking horrific way.

Building these boxes has been an obsession of mine for over 20 years now.
And now you will get to see a little bit inside the mind as I take you into the inner workings of…The Puzzle Box Maker.

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No.1 is SOLD OUTThe Puzzle Box Maker Comic Book


Graphic Novel: “The Owners and Their Desire…”

With the advent of the world pandemic of Covid-19, we saw so many changes. Changes in how things are done, people, things that people do now, but one thing remained…DESIRE.
There was more than one thing that grew along with the spread of the pandemic and that one thing was the enormity of their desire. The worlds supplies for different materials became more and more difficult to procure and the costs of these materials grew and grew.
So did their desire for these things.
See what people did to satisfy those desires and what prices they paid.

Due out in 2023.
Lisa Medley: Art, Layout and Color/Ink
Larry Clark: Writing and Editing.

Puzzle Box Maker Graphic Novel 




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