LEVIATHAN: The Story of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser 2


The crew here at The Puzzle Box maker are proud to have been a part of the Hellraiser- Leviathan Documentary! The documentary was about the making of Hellraiser 1 & 2. Much thanks goes out to Simon Sayce for the guidance with the puzzle boxes and to Lisa Medleyfor the editing, layout and graphic design done for the site and the documentary. I did the dirty work of putting the Hellraiser Puzzle Boxes together which were used for props and show/discussion in the documentary. The prop replicas  you all see for sale on the website here.

It has been a huge obsession of mine to build and replicate the Lament Configuration for almost 20 years now. As you know we now sell several different designs with different price ranges and much thanks again goes out to Lisa Medley for the design and layout for the prop building, the etching and foil making. Much appreciation goes out to Simon Sayce for the guidance as HE is the original Puzzle Box Maker. It is because he contacted us that we are part part of the making of the documentary.

Special Thanks goes out to Producer Gary Smart having us partake in this special event!

Below are some shots from the documentary, with some footage given to us from the Producer Gary Smart.

Our Credits:

Screen Capture of our work:

Screen Capture of our work:

Screen Capture of our work:

The Engineer by Simon Sayce:

It is not hands that call us, it is DESIRE, Plates:

Boxes being made:

Lisa working late into the night on Design and layout:


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