The Engineer Schematics

The Engineer is the only one of its kind to have shown itself during the Hellraiser series.
Though not a Cenobite, The Engineer appears to have been a being created to serve within the Labyrinth.
It seems it only appears when the Engineers Align in the Star formation and the puzzle has been solved.


The Engineer is a being that seems to be constructed from something between scales and human skin. It has blazing amber cat-like eyes, a scorpion-like tail and several rows of teeth. The Engineer always hangs upside down, hanging from its back feet which hold it up on the walls of The Labyrinth as it travels. The Engineer’s limbs seem to end in hand-like appendages instead of having feet. 

Below are images of The Engineer in a high quality Lithograph Print Poster.

Specifications of finished product:
The finished look will be similar to the Puzzle Box Schematics seen HERE.
  • 11″ x 17″
  • Brown Vintage Craft Paper Printed with a distressed look/style
  • Coated with Archival Matte varnish to protect and prevent UV fading

This is a high quality piece of work, ideal for framing and adding to your Hellraiser Collection!

The Engineer - Hellraiser

The Engineer - Hellraiser 

This is not part of the poster but the Engineer itself:

The Engineer - From Hellraiser

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