Pinhead Action Figure Signed by Doug Bradley

Hellraiser Pinhead ReAction 3 3/4-Inch Retro Action Figure

Includes 4″ x 6″ Photo of Doug Holding the signed toy!

  • Pinhead Action Figure, in retro Kenner style!
  • Poseable 3 3/4-inch ReAction figure from Hellraiser!
  • Features 5 points of articulation, just like the classic Kenner action figures of the 1970s and 1980s!
  • Includes a puzzle box accessory!
  • Exciting retro action figure from Funko and Super7!
  • Order now to ensure you get yours!

Get your very own retro action figure from Hellraiser!
This Hellraiser Pinhead ReAction Retro Action Figure features the prickly Cenobite portrayed by actor Doug Bradley.
Measuring 3 3/4-inches tall, this fantastic articulated ReAction figure from Super7 and Funko comes with a puzzle box accessory.
It has a look and style that harkens back to classic action figures made by companies like Kenner.

Doug Bradley Signed

Doug Bradley Signed

pinhead with hellraiser puzzle box

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