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Videos and Photos

This page is for videos and photos I receive of my work. Some happy customers send me photos from all over the world as well as some video reviews AND inclusion in the upcoming Hellraiser Documentary.


Simon Sayce, The Original Puzzle Box Maker

I’ve been very fortunate in my workings with this box to have met, Simon Sayce, The original Puzzle Box Maker. Simon and I have skyped and exchanged many emails about thoughts and ideas for the Puzzle Box and other artistic endeavors. While being in contact with him it’s also afforded me to have my boxes shown and placed in the documentary about Hellraiser 1&2:
LEVIATHAN: The Story of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II

My Boxes will be in the opening credits and are mentioned by Simon Sayce in his interview in the documentary. Gary Smart, one of the writers and producers of the documentary has been gracious enough to give me some video snippets for my website here.


Lito Velasco

A review by Lito Velasco, the man who did the score for the Hellraiser 1 & 2 Documentary:
LEVIATHAN: The Story of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II.

He treated himself to the puzzle box for finishing the score for the documentary. This is an unsolicited review.

Review of Our Box

This was an unsolicited review of one of our boxes by Aaron LaRoque of The Review Spot. His facebook and Youtube channels are here:


Photo Gallery:

Photo from Courtney Gibson:

Hellraiser Puzzle Box by Courtney Gibson


Photo from Russia:

Hellraiser Puzzle Box in RussiaHellraiser Puzzle Box in Russia

Another from Russia:

Hellraiser Puzzle Box, Lament ConfigurationThe Lemarchand Configuration in Russia

In Paris:

Lament Configuration in ParisHellraiser Puzzle Box in Paris, France

Hellraiser Puzzle Box in ParisHellraiser Puzzle Box at the Eiffel Tower

Hellraiser Puzzle Box in ParisHellraiser Puzzle Box in Paris, France




Simon Sayce

Simon Sayce is the person who was the original designer of the Hellraiser Puzzle Box. many people refer to Gary Tunnicliffe, but it is Simon’s research and work that create the Lemarchand Configuration for the movie, not Gary. Simon contacted me one day on this website and in conversing with him, he agreed to sign a few boxes but he wanted to see them first to see if they met up with his standard. Simon is VERY particular when it comes to detail and I was happy when he said he would sign them. Below are images of him signing them and the notes that he made for each box as a COA that he signed them. There are only 5 boxes available to the public for sale as I am keeping one for myself.

simon sayce signed box

simon sayce signed box 2simon sayce signed box 3 simon sayce signed box 4

simon sayce signed box 5

my boxes against original template

6 signed boxes by Simon Sayce



Doug Bradley

Most of you know who Doug Bradley is but in case you don’t, he is the Cenobite called Pinhead. Once a man named Captain Elliot Spencer he was transformed into the cenobite when he solved the puzzle of the box. These boxes he signed at Monster Mania 2012.

Doug Bradley aka Pinhead

Doug Bradley aka Pinhead

Doug Bradley aka Pinhead

These boxes he signed at Bizarre AC 2013.

Doug Bradley Signing Puzzle Boxes

Ashley Laurence

Also known as Kirsty Cotton, the heroine of the first 2 movies, she signed several boxes for me at Comic Con in San Diego. A really nice woman who was down to earth and really cool. She’s also a great artist.

Ashley Laurence aka Kirsty Cotton

Ashley Laurence aka Kirsty Cotton

Ashley Laurence aka Kirsty Cotton

 These were the Cenobites and Ashley Laurence at Monsterpalooza 2014:

Ashley Laurence at Monsterpalooza

Barbie Wilde at Monsterpalooza

Nicholas Vince at Monsterpalooza

Doug Bradley at Monsterpalooza

Simon Bamford at Monsterpalooza



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